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Easy Diet Plan to Lose 5 Kg Weight in Just Five Days

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Diet Plan to Lose 5 Kg Weight

Weight gain can be seen in days and even a little carelessness can lead to weight gain, but to lose weight one has to make a lot of effort. It seems very surprising that the increased weight can be easily achieved. It can also be reduced through a diet plan.

But keep in mind that this diet plan is not for all obese people. Because not everyone weighs the same. For this, you need to calculate your weight through a BMI calculator under the guidance of a doctor and include these foods in your routine, with the support of a nutritionist.

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How To Lose 5 Kg in Five Days

Although losing weight in five days may seem unbelievable, it can be made possible with a balanced and special diet. But for this, not only one has to follow a strict diet plan but also one has to change one’s lifestyle to achieve the desired results.

Morning Diet Plan

The main cause of obesity is the accumulation of excess fat in the body.

But if you want to lose weight, then first of all you have to cleanse the body of toxins, for which you have to drink two glasses of lukewarm water in the morning so that all the toxins are removed from the body through the stomach.


If you want to lose weight, your breakfast should never exceed 250 calories. For this, breakfast should include porridge or omelette, brown bread and some fat-free milk.

After Breakfast Snacks

In order to lose weight, one should take care not to eat full at any time, but instead eat something light every two hours. In case of hunger, green tea can be eaten with biscuits, or some seasonal fruits like apples, watermelons or oranges can be eaten.


Similarly, it is very important to take care of calories during lunch and their amount should not exceed 300 calories in any case.

You can eat salad with any kind of vegetable soup, but it is very important to take care of its quantity, but along with this, the food should be cooked in less oil and the bread should be made from milled flour only.

Evening Snacks

If you feel hungry around six o’clock in the evening, you can drink green tea along with some fruit or dry fruit. An egg white and brown bread sandwich can also be taken in small amounts during this time.


Dinner should be light and very small. If you want to lose weight, eating full at night can be very harmful, so have only boiled vegetables for dinner, along with a small piece of boiled white meat. can go.

Weight Loss Drink

Before going to bed at night, it is mandatory to either consume green tea or replace it with detox water, which can melt excess fat from the body and lead to weight loss.

Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss

Generally, the main cause of weight gain is unhealthy lifestyle of a person, therefore, only the strictest diet plan is not successful for weight loss, but along with it, it is necessary to change the lifestyle.

Eating Habits

If you want to lose weight up to five kilos in a week, you will have to revise your eating habits, due to which you are suffering from obesity. For this reason, it is important to avoid eating sweet and high-calorie foods.

Also, those who want to lose weight should not eat fried or baked goods as these can lead to rapid weight gain.

Avoid These Foods

For weight loss, one should consume a diet that is low in protein. Grilled foods should be consumed instead of fried foods, in addition to sodas, ice creams, all these foods increase weight rapidly and therefore should be avoided.

Walking And Exercise

Walking is an excellent form of exercise and can be very helpful in losing weight, people who walk regularly and are fond of walking usually do not gain weight quickly.

So, if you want to lose five kilos in five days, you will have to do a lot of brisk walking. A conservative estimate is half a kilo every day if you do brisk walking with regular exercise.

Weight lost by Walking

Weight can be lost just by walking, but for that you need to walk briskly at least 10,000 steps a day. Losing weight is not possible without it.

Remember that every person’s body structure is different, therefore it is not possible that this diet plan will work for one person in the same way as for everyone else, therefore, before following any plan, do some research.

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Conclusion of Diet Plan

Embarking on a five-day journey to shed 5 kg might seem like an ambitious goal, but with dedication and adherence to a carefully curated diet plan, it is indeed achievable. The key to success lies not only in following a strict dietary regimen but also in making lifestyle changes that support weight loss.

Lukewarm Water and Calories

Starting the day with a cleansing routine of two glasses of lukewarm water helps eliminate toxins, paving the way for a healthier body. Breakfast, limited to 250 calories, can consist of nourishing options like porridge, omelette, brown bread, and fat-free milk.

To stave off hunger throughout the day, opt for light snacks every two hours, such as green tea with biscuits or fresh fruits.

Calorie-conscious lunch choices, including vegetable soup and salad, are crucial, with an emphasis on minimal oil and whole-grain flour. Evening snacks can involve green tea, fruits, or a modest egg white and brown bread sandwich.

Light Dinner

Keeping dinner light with boiled vegetables and a small serving of lean white meat aids in effective weight management.

The inclusion of a weight loss drink before bedtime, be it green tea or detox water, contributes to the reduction of excess fat. However, weight loss isn’t solely dependent on dietary changes; lifestyle modifications are equally vital.

Steering clear of high-calorie and sweet foods, opting for grilled over fried options, and staying away from sugary drinks and ice cream are pivotal steps.

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Physical activity, particularly brisk walking, complements the diet plan.

Make a daily target of 10,000 steps which is strongly recommended for effective weight loss by consultants. It’s essential to acknowledge that individual body structures differ, making it imperative to consult a doctor and a nutritionist before embarking on any weight loss journey.

In conclusion, this five-day diet plan offers a structured approach to weight loss, but personalized guidance ensures its suitability and effectiveness for each individual.

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