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Job Stress cause of Serious Diseases

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68% Of People Suffer from Serious Diseases Due to Job Stress

Job stress or pressure is different concerning different types of fields. The physical labor involved in work is more than the mental work, and despite sitting on a comfortable chair at work, the mental pressure is to such an extent that a person suffers from various health problems, including heart. The disease is the most common.

job stress

 Cardiovascular Disease Statistics

According to a study by British experts, the stress of the job or the mental stress caused by it reveals these surprising results.

British experts conducted a study on 10,000 people who were doing white-collar jobs. The study revealed that over a long period of 12 years, and according to its results, 68 percent of people who suffered from job stress died of heart attacks. Due to falling or he suffered chest tightness and angina

Along with this, according to another research conducted on 6000 thousands of government employees, due to overtime for 3 to 4 hours every day and the pressure of the job, a person can suffer from heart disease. Increases the risk fivefold

Similarly, according to a study done in South Korea regarding how work pressure affects human health, people who work for 80 hours a week have a 94% chance of suffering from heart disease. There are up to a hundred.

What Is Meant by Job Pressure?

According to research, job pressure affects any human being when the employee is not free to make decisions and has to follow the orders of his superiors like a robot.

If you love your job and are happy doing it without any pressure, then working long hours may not harm your health as opposed to a suddenly stressful job. For example, the job of a firefighter can cause severe stress at times, which can lead to heart disease.

Job stress

How Does Job Stress Affect the Heart?

Job stress has a direct effect on the heart by narrowing its arteries. Besides, job stress also increases a person’s blood pressure and also causes an increase in platelets, which help the blood to clot. All these factors together can cause a heart attack.

Due to the pressure of work and working for long hours, a person gets less opportunity to sleep, due to which he may suffer from mental stress, and to face it; he resorts to smoking, not exercising, etc. It can lead to obesity as well as increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Steps To Reduce Job Stress

In today’s competitive age, preparing yourself to face the pressure of the job is the key to success, which requires some steps.

Sitting and working at the same place during the job can make a person suffer from mental stress. Therefore, sometimes during the job, you should walk or stretch yourself for 5 minutes every hour.

Be sure to get up and walk, adopt a habit of exercise, and give it some time throughout the day.

In times of extreme stress and job pressure, you must practice self-relaxation. Take long breaths, eat something, walk a few steps, etc. I can contribute to peace of mind.

It can also be very helpful to consult a psychologist who can advise you on how to deal with job stress and the problems it causes.

Job stress


The impact of job stress on the health of individuals is a pressing concern, with a significant portion of the population, approximately 68%, experiencing severe health issues, particularly related to cardiovascular diseases. The findings from studies conducted by British experts on white-collar workers, government employees facing overtime, and individuals in South Korea working excessively long hours underscore the pervasive nature of this issue.

Job pressure, characterized by a lack of autonomy and the compulsion to follow orders without personal decision-making freedom, can lead to detrimental health effects, especially when it comes to the heart. The narrowing of arteries, increased blood pressure, and elevated platelet levels contribute to a heightened risk of heart attacks among those subjected to prolonged job stress.

Job stress

Understanding the mechanisms through which job stress affects the heart, such as disrupted sleep patterns, increased reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms like smoking, and a lack of exercise, is crucial. These factors not only contribute to immediate health concerns but also elevate the long-term risks of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Individuals are encouraged to take proactive steps. Incorporating short breaks for movement and stretching during work hours, adopting regular exercise routines, and practicing self-relaxation techniques can significantly contribute to overall well-being. Seeking guidance from psychologists is also highlighted as a valuable resource to develop coping strategies and manage the challenges associated with job-related stress.

In today’s competitive work environment, prioritizing one’s mental and physical health becomes imperative. By implementing these steps, individuals can foster a healthier and more sustainable approach to navigating the pressures of the modern workplace.

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