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What Do Men and Women Want in Each Other?

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What Do Men and Women Want in Each Other?

Find Out Qualities Men Like To See In Women For Marriage

What kind of woman do men like for marriage? Sociologists Christine B. Whalen of the University of Petersburg and Gersty F. Boxer of the University of Iowa have attempted to answer this question after a long survey.

How do men choose women for marriage?

In this regard, he asked questions of hundreds of men and women and after almost ten years of efforts, the characteristics he described are something like this.

A strong-willed person

Except for some conservative types of men, most men like a woman who is strong-willed. They only like a woman who is a cook or a party girl, but a woman who has a strong personality and a strong personality. Ability to make decisions within, but remember that this trait comes last in the list of men.

There are very few men who are happy to see a woman stronger than themselves and accept her as a life partner.

A woman who loves home and children

In the past, such a woman used to be in the first place according to the list of men, but in recent times, the number of this feature has come down a lot. In earlier times, the purpose of marriage was to choose a woman who would make a home and give birth to children, but in recent times, although men definitely like a woman who is a homemaker, but at the same time they Other characteristics of a woman are also becoming included in the choice of


The importance of a woman’s beauty is increasing with time, now a man needs a woman for marriage who is beautiful and can walk step by step with him.

The importance of a woman’s beauty has become more important than in the past. Now men prefer a woman who is beautiful and attractive for love and marriage

Excellent health

It is very important for a woman to be healthy in the eyes of a man. But in the past, the health of a woman was not so important for marriage, but today’s man also wants to marry a woman who is healthy and smart. Have the energy to walk step by step with him. His health should not hinder his future plans

Mixed with people

Compared to the past, men now prefer a woman who has a friendly relationship with them instead of worshiping them as a virtual god. Men now prefer to have a friendly relationship with their wife rather than a domineering one, and they want their wives to be the same.

Most married couples also have mutual friends in common, which is why men tend to prefer women who are outgoing and social.

What Do Men and Women Want in Each Other?

Educated and intelligent

With the passage of time, the importance of this feature of women has increased a lot compared to the past. Nowadays woman are educated, intelligent, and career-oriented are preferred by men.

Such a woman can support a man in the economic field as well as being a good helper in the education and training of children, that is why such a woman is much preferred as a life partner.

Mature and sensible

Men like a woman to be emotional as a lover, but when they are choosing a life partner, they like a woman who is mature and not prone to emotional imbalance. Becasue as a life partner, your life is in peach if your life partner is with you and she is moderate and mature.

Dependent on a man

From the past to the present day, husbands have preferred wives who, despite being educated, strong-willed, and mature, remain dependent on their husbands. They seek wives whose decisions include the husband’s consent, and who are content to have the man hold the reins of their lives.

Although many women will not like this, but according to the survey report, a man is always more attracted to a woman who depends on him, regardless of the region of the world and from any nation or race.

What Do Men and Women Want in Each Other?

Women’s choice: What 6 qualities do Women prefer in Men for Marriage?

Historically, women in our society were denied the right to choose a life partner according to their own will or desires. Consequently, in the context of published advertisements seeking relationships for women, society deems men who are employed and display politeness as adequate to attract even the most beautiful and educated girls.

How Do Women Like Men?

Now that women stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the economic and various other aspects of life, the criteria for selecting a life partner have become more stringent. Men, in turn, have preferences aligned with these changing conditions.

Be Open-Minded and Sensible

Women nowadays prefer a man for marriage who is mature, has the ability to make his own decisions instead of depending on other members of the family for his decisions.

A contemporary woman, engaging in work and pursuing a career, faces challenges in coexisting with a man lacking open-mindedness. Consequently, women today often choose life partners who demonstrate openness for marriage.

Be Employed and Educated

Regardless of their success and income, women will not consider marrying an unemployed and uneducated man. Instead, they may choose to remain single for an extended period.

The nature of a woman is such that she always desires a husband who is stronger and more stable than herself. This is why women consistently prefer men who are employed for marriage.

Learn The Art of Balancing Family and Homemaking

Whenever women talk to a man with the idea of marriage, they consider whether this man can maintain a balance between relationships or not. According to psychologists, women are very sensitive in this regard, that’s why while meeting men, they pay special attention to how the man can balance all the relationships after marriage or not.

Don’t Feel Ashamed to Lend a Hand in Household Chores

Today’s women prefer men who are friendly towards them. Those who respect women and do not think that the house is only a woman’s responsibility, just as a man prefers a woman who can support him in the economic field, in the same way a woman also wants to marry a man who Support him in household chores.

Do not consider the daily chores of the house as the responsibility of the woman only, but be the one who supports the woman and helps her in it.

What Do Men and Women Want in Each Other?

Do not Think of a Wife as Just a Child Bearing Machine

Today’s women also consider the birth of children as the completion of their femininity as in the past, but at the same time, today’s woman is a career-oriented woman, therefore she wants to manage both children and her career.

For this reason, women like to prefer men who can understand them and not only consider women as their bed partners but also understand what a woman wants.

Be Smart and Beautiful

Although it is necessary for women to be beautiful for a relationship, for men, being beautiful and smart is secondary, but still women want their husbands to be smart enough to walk with him.

Women are not happy with men who do not take care of their clothes. Also, women are not happy with men who are fat and uncouth, no matter how rich they are.

Remember! Marriage is like a gamble; it is premature to say anything about it. But according to a survey, psychologists have described these characteristics to many women through different types of questions.

Love and harmony

The relationship between a husband and wife is fortified by love and mental harmony. The presence of these elements facilitates the automatic resolution of other issues, allowing them to overcome any deficiencies. This underscores why, when men contemplate a life partner, love and mental harmony take precedence.

Marriage is a big decision of human life and it is most important to be completely healthy mentally and physically before taking it. Generally, a person cannot ask many questions directly to his doctor due to social pressure, for any guidance in this regard consult a doctor.

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