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These 4 Medical Tests before Marriage

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Medical Tests before Marriage

Today we will explain how 4 Medical Tests before Marriage can save you a Lot of Trouble. Marriage does not guarantee happiness. Everyone wishes that the couple embarking on their journey through marriage should experience lifelong happiness.

In the United States, as in many countries, the institution of marriage is celebrated, but marrying within the family is considered a matter of pride. Unfortunately, this cultural practice has contributed to a relatively high rate of congenital abnormalities among children in the USA.

Medical Tests before Marriage

These 4 Medical Tests before Marriage can save you a Lot of Trouble

To prevent this, experts now advise people that where other arrangements are considered necessary for marriage preparations, these four basic tests of boys and girls must be done before fixing the marriage. That can save you from problems later.


Tests To Be Done Before Marriage

Meeting someone you want to spend the rest of your life with can be such a magical feeling. But before you commit to them, you want to make sure that nothing can ruin your relationship along the way.

It is advisable to get some medical tests done before your wedding preparations. It is very important to know the medical condition of your partner before getting married to avoid any unpleasant moments. Often times, your partner may not even be aware of certain things about them medically and this can cause problems in your marriage. Therefore, it is very important to conduct some important medical tests before marriage.


STI Medical Tests before Marriage

Now a days, Gynaecologists emphasized that now it is becoming necessary to get married couples tested for sexually transmitted infections.

HIV, hepatitis B and STDs are among the sexually transmitted diseases. They are not only transmitted from one person to another, but in case of miscarriage as a result of sexual intercourse, these diseases can also be transmitted to the unborn child. This is the reason why screening for all these diseases is necessary. So that these diseases can be prevented from being transmitted from one person to another and to the next generation after marriage.

Thalassemia Medical Tests before Marriage

Thalassemia is an inherited disease that can be passed from parents to children. Anemia is the most important of its initial symptoms. Regarding this disease, experts believe that if both mother and father have thalassemia minor, their marriage. As a result, the chances of having thalassemia major in the child are very high.

According to experts, if both the parents are thalassemia minor, i.e. they have hereditary anemia, then the child born out of their marriage has a 25% chance of having thalassemia major, which is a life-threatening disease. This is the reason why doctors advise that it should be tested before marriage so that the problem can be solved before treatment.


Test For Hereditary Diseases

Generally due to many family marriages the history of transmission of diseases from generation to generation is very old. In our country there are many families where diabetes, high blood pressure etc. are present in every member of the family and those who do not have it. The chances of them being affected by it are high.

For this reason, it is very important to get the medical history of the boy and girl checked by a specialist doctor before marriage.


Blood Group Test

According to the experts, it is also very important to get the blood group of the boy and girl tested before marriage, because if the RH factor of the blood group of both of them is the same, then they will face a lot of complications in the future.

Because the blood group of both of them does not support each other and as a result the blood cells of their other child starts to destroy the mother’s blood cells, thereby losing the child.

Medical Tests before Marriage

These 4 Medical Tests before Marriage can save you a Lot of Trouble

Fertility Test

Fertility testing is also a crucial step in the pre-marriage checklist. Assessing the quality of the girl’s egg cells and the boy’s sperm is essential, as any potential defects or deficiencies can be addressed and treated before marriage. This proactive approach helps prevent any uncertainties or complications related to fertility after marriage.



People who believe that all these pre-marriage tests are a waste of time and money, if they look around, they will see many couples who would have been cured if they had undergone pre-marriage medical tests. If they had, they would be enjoying a happy married life today.


In conclusion…

the decision to marry someone is a significant and life-altering choice, and it’s essential to ensure that this journey begins on a healthy and well-informed foundation. While marriage is not a guarantee of lifelong happiness, it is within our control to take steps that can prevent potential troubles down the road.

To mitigate this risk and foster healthier unions, experts recommend conducting four crucial medical tests before tying the knot. These tests serve as a protective measure that can save couples from future difficulties.

The first of these tests is screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), which includes diseases like HIV, hepatitis B, and other STDs. Beyond affecting individuals, these infections can also be transmitted to unborn children in cases of miscarriage resulting from sexual intercourse. By getting tested, couples can ensure their health and protect the well-being of future generations.


an inherited blood disorder, is another critical condition to check for before marriage. If both partners are carriers of thalassemia minor, there is a high risk of their child developing thalassemia major, a life-threatening condition. Testing for thalassemia can help couples address this issue proactively.

Hereditary diseases

such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are prevalent in some families and can be passed down from generation to generation. Before marriage, it is wise to consult a specialist doctor to assess the medical history of both partners, ensuring that potential risks are identified and managed.

Blood group

compatibility is also important to consider before marriage. If both partners have matching RH factors in their blood groups, they could face complications, particularly during pregnancy, when the mother’s blood cells may start to destroy the child’s blood cells. A simple blood group test can help couples understand and address this concern.


Finally, fertility tests for both partners are advisable to rule out any underlying issues that may affect their ability to conceive. Early detection and treatment of any reproductive health issues can help prevent confusion and heartache after marriage.

It’s crucial to note that pre-marriage medical tests are not a waste of time or money. Many couples who might have benefited from these tests exist all around us. If they had undergone these assessments, they could be enjoying happier and healthier married lives today.

In the pursuit of a lifelong partnership, these medical tests can be invaluable safeguards, providing peace of mind and promoting a healthier start to married life.

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